Out Loud Part 2

I opened my eyes and looked up to the dark grey clouds. They sparked, electric flashing through their shifting, smoky cells. The hedges of the maze were rotting, only a few crumbling brown leaves remained amongst the twisted thistles, and as I entered its dark chasm, the branches slithered together like brown snakes and into … More Out Loud Part 2


It creeps upon his lips, a sickening smile and eyes lit with the fires of his spite. There’s a haze. A fog. Something so unclear about this world, like a painter’s brush has swept across the page.The details are so fine and accurate, yet so blurred and nonsensical; and everything and nothing surrounds me. I … More Him


He traced a finger across her cheek.┬áIt was soft and warm and familiar. He could never get enough of her skin. It was so clear, almost like glass. He sometimes thought that if he looked hard enough, he could see right through her and into her mind. But he couldn’t. Otherwise he would have known. … More Touch