The Square room pt2

“The light’s flickering again,” said ‘Darhlinnng’, running her orange gel nails through the obviously dyed, bright blonde strands of her hair. Donald appeared from behind the fusebox, his eyebrows knitted together. They were too dark for his face really, compared with his dirty yellow mop, but she knew he didn’t dye them. He wouldn’t even let … More The Square room pt2

Her rotting teeth

She wanted to confess To tell him so badly But the words were stuck Like toffee in teeth And she could feel them Festering there Peeling back the enamel Rotting into gum Yet she could not admit Could not spit them out Because the words were worse Too unimaginable Unbearable And a rotting tooth Is … More Her rotting teeth

Still A Prisoner

Brooke watched intently, as a row of ants climbed their way across the long, stone step. Each one was carrying something. Dirt, or perhapsĀ it was food? It was too small for her to tell, but whatever it was, it was much bigger than these small, humble insects and she admired their strength and determination to … More Still A Prisoner