The Square room pt2

“The light’s flickering again,” said ‘Darhlinnng’, running her orange gel nails through the obviously dyed, bright blonde strands of her hair. Donald appeared from behind the fusebox, his eyebrows knitted together. They were too dark for his face really, compared with his dirty yellow mop, but she knew he didn’t dye them. He wouldn’t even let … More The Square room pt2

The Soul Tree

He could feel the last piece being pulled from his skin and in its place was now only darkness. It was like a drop of ink spilling onto an empty page, flowing outwards until it had covered every inch of him. The soul tree stood at the farthest point of the churchyard, hidden behind a … More The Soul Tree

Mr. James Conner – Triple S Advisor and Commitee Member

She came into the room, small and quivering like some sort of frightened rodent. James could tell that the girl wanted to wrap her arms around herself, to huddle in the corner and hide away, but she carried on walking, her hands at her sides, stiff and awkward. James had once tried to reverse the roles and … More Mr. James Conner – Triple S Advisor and Commitee Member