The Affair: part 1

The collar of his shirt was turned up, just a little, and the dark circles under his eyes were a little more prominent than usual too. And though she noticed these small quirks about him, she never questioned them. He had been working late a lot recently. He’d been working hard, she knew. So…so, the … More The Affair: part 1

Her rotting teeth

She wanted to confess To tell him so badly But the words were stuck Like toffee in teeth And she could feel them Festering there Peeling back the enamel Rotting into gum Yet she could not admit Could not spit them out Because the words were worse Too unimaginable Unbearable And a rotting tooth Is … More Her rotting teeth

The Factory

I was standing on a balcony. It was not somewhere I had not seen before, yet it felt familiar. There was no breeze and the air felt sticky with heat. I looked out towards the fading sun, the mountains. Just beyond the horizon lay a large factory, thick smoke choking out from its slim grey chimneys. It made … More The Factory


Amongst the purple green bloom she stood Alone. Dark coat swaying gently in the breeze Alone. There was nothing like her, but she hoped Alone. Her empty heart grew heavier still Alone. And the darkness crept upon her soul Alone. If she could, she would have shed a tear Alone. Neck lowered, no desire to … More Alone

The Soul Tree

He could feel the last piece being pulled from his skin and in its place was now only darkness. It was like a drop of ink spilling onto an empty page, flowing outwards until it had covered every inch of him. The soul tree stood at the farthest point of the churchyard, hidden behind a … More The Soul Tree