Bottled Youth

And then I felt my soul crumble… the pain worse than the shatter of my heart age takes us all the once smooth skin replaced with wrinkled lines like the creases of an old shirt thrown in the corner the places that once stood, sag the bones start to ache present turns to past and … More Bottled Youth

Out Loud Part 2

I opened my eyes and looked up to the dark grey clouds. They sparked, electric flashing through their shifting, smoky cells. The hedges of the maze were rotting, only a few crumbling brown leaves remained amongst the twisted thistles, and as I entered its dark chasm, the branches slithered together like brown snakes and into … More Out Loud Part 2

Mr. James Conner – Triple S Advisor and Commitee Member

She came into the room, small and quivering like some sort of frightened rodent. James could tell that the girl wanted to wrap her arms around herself, to huddle in the corner and hide away, but she carried on walking, her hands at her sides, stiff and awkward. James had once tried to reverse the roles and … More Mr. James Conner – Triple S Advisor and Commitee Member

Brooke – Part II

The wind was blowing in fierce, but short bursts, dancing crisp, golden brown and yellow leaves across the crowded station platform. It pecked at Brooke’s cheeks in sharp, short kisses and though she had her thickest coat on, her skin prickled uncomfortably under its lining. She burrowed her chin further into the folds of her purple knitted scarf, until her nose was … More Brooke – Part II