If I could

If I could, I’d spread my arms and change them into wings Embrace blue skies with fearless flight as feathers grew And gaze upon the world that was once so small and all I knew If I could, I’d swing through mazes of twisted branches Sliding down the snaking trucks of tall trees Hopping to the … More If I could

The owl

She was there again. Sitting on the bench in her white dress. The woman who only exists in the corner of my eye. But when I looked again, she had left, and perched on the top of the wooden, carved back sat a beautiful barn owl. It stood so still, a ruffle of brown golds, looking … More The owl

Dying Dreams

The mundane drum beats down my heavy heart The dreams I once had, sail past the office pane And my mind tries to escape Through poetry on post-its Will it ever be OK?

The Factory

I was standing on a balcony. It was not somewhere I had not seen before, yet it felt familiar. There was no breeze and the air felt sticky with heat. I looked out towards the fading sun, the mountains. Just beyond the horizon lay a large factory, thick smoke choking out from its slim grey chimneys. It made … More The Factory


It creeps upon his lips, a sickening smile and eyes lit with the fires of his spite. There’s a haze. A fog. Something so unclear about this world, like a painter’s brush has swept across the page.The details are so fine and accurate, yet so blurred and nonsensical; and everything and nothing surrounds me. I … More Him


Needed to get out, a blind hand reaching The fingertips graze and grasp at nothing Panic rises, chilling her to the bone Blinking in pitch black, her feet find the floor One toe dipped in a dream and one clutches here Hands against walls, feeling for a way out The door that once was, is … More Dreamwalk

The slur of slumber

Somewhere here and somewhere between my dreams Eyes half closed, the place where my words fail me Where the colours merge into blurry streams The combination of two worlds I see Is the work of these two realms colliding A black veil is drawn over my eyes And my consciousness now starts subsiding Loosening connections between their … More The slur of slumber