Bottled Youth

And then I felt my soul crumble… the pain worse than the shatter of my heart age takes us all the once smooth skin replaced with wrinkled lines like the creases of an old shirt thrown in the corner the places that once stood, sag the bones start to ache present turns to past and … More Bottled Youth


She races downwards Trailing her kiss on the pane In wet, steady streams


I climbed a great tree just to feel tall But when I reached the top I felt nothing at all I dug my hands deep into the sand But had never felt so disconnected from this land I blew a breath and watched its icy trail But had no ears to listen to my tale … More Empty


As time goes by, I can’t help but wonder why I don’t spend my hours, sniffing the flowers But instead stare at the petals, till they die.

Blood lust

Cackles. Crack, crash, clatter, Snarling, scraping, slithering, Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Heart halts Creaking. Silence… Snatching, screaming, Twisting, turning, thump…trickle. ¬†Oozing… Red river runs.

Contain this sin

He was soft, so gentle, so new. Pressed tight, yet craved more, move closer. It was different, such a rush, so exhilarating. Unfamiliar lips, Not to be kissed, but were. Her mundane heart, bled guilt, no restraint. She could not, contain this sin, Anymore.

The owl

She was there again. Sitting on the bench in her white dress. The woman who¬†only exists in the corner of my eye. But when I looked again, she had left, and perched on the top of the wooden, carved back sat a beautiful barn owl. It stood so still, a ruffle of brown golds, looking … More The owl