Blood lust

Cackles. Crack, crash, clatter, Snarling, scraping, slithering, Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Heart halts Creaking. Silence… Snatching, screaming, Twisting, turning, thump…trickle.  Oozing… Red river runs.

Contain this sin

He was soft, so gentle, so new. Pressed tight, yet craved more, move closer. It was different, such a rush, so exhilarating. Unfamiliar lips, Not to be kissed, but were. Her mundane heart, bled guilt, no restraint. She could not, contain this sin, Anymore.

The owl

She was there again. Sitting on the bench in her white dress. The woman who only exists in the corner of my eye. But when I looked again, she had left, and perched on the top of the wooden, carved back sat a beautiful barn owl. It stood so still, a ruffle of brown golds, looking … More The owl

Out Loud Part 2

I opened my eyes and looked up to the dark grey clouds. They sparked, electric flashing through their shifting, smoky cells. The hedges of the maze were rotting, only a few crumbling brown leaves remained amongst the twisted thistles, and as I entered its dark chasm, the branches slithered together like brown snakes and into … More Out Loud Part 2

The Soul Tree

He could feel the last piece being pulled from his skin and in its place was now only darkness. It was like a drop of ink spilling onto an empty page, flowing outwards until it had covered every inch of him. The soul tree stood at the farthest point of the churchyard, hidden behind a … More The Soul Tree

Out Loud

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I wanted to break the glass that separated us, grab his neck and squeeze it until there wasn’t a single breath left. It had been days and we still didn’t have a single shred of evidence. I could hear him though. It was as clear as actual speech. I … More Out Loud