Hi there and welcome to stories by Bethan…

I am a journalist and creative writer…and massively suffer with a case of indecisiveness. Let me explain why this is relevant.

This blog was originally a space for fictional stories, but I became a greedy writer and wanted MORE!

My answer? Well, how do you define ‘stories’? They’re everywhere – in the news, in my conversations, in my photos, in my head, and in the places I go. Naturally, I’ve just combined all the above on here! So whether you’re interested in reading a bit of YA fiction or poetry, or you’d much rather hear about an interesting local business, where the best coffee is, or just want to stare at a picture of my ‘borrowed’ dog (yes, the owners know I borrow her), then this is the place for you. So hello, welcome back, and enjoy!

Ps: If you’re a cat person, I’m sure I can post some pictures of those too.