Amazon Smile

People that know me well or those who have read previous posts, will know one of the reasons behind why I stopped writing my blog. Simply put, my mum was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer known as Glioblastoma. It’s high grade and terminal. They just appear one day, grade 4, grow fast, and … More Amazon Smile


As a poetry lover and a (well…attempting) poet myself, it’s always great to read other people’s work and to speak with these writers who share the same interests. Writing is a tricky business, you’ve got to have talent, determination, passion and, like anything associated with the creative industry, a lot of luck. So when someone comes to me … More Shoutout

The Prose

I’m honoured that blogging/writing platform asked me for an interview. You can read it here: and if you’re a fellow Proser, please do say hi! Bethan x