She doubts

The world watched her go by, a startling red streak of hair that spun like flames in the breeze of the winter air. Many admired her, the green of her wide, doe eyes that sat between sooty lashes; the curve of her hips, her bottom and breasts; her soft, unblemished skin. But inside she crumbled … More She doubts

Hidden village gems

It wasn’t until I started acting as part of the Riverside Players, the local amateur dramatic group, that I even took the opportunity to appreciate the many charms of picturesque Eynsford, Kent. I would often drive through, only glancing to admire the Lavender Fields that dressed the roadside. But now it’s one of my favourite … More Hidden village gems

Amazon Smile

People that know me well or those who have read previous posts, will know one of the reasons behind why I stopped writing my blog. Simply put, my mum was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer known as Glioblastoma. It’s high grade and terminal. They just appear one day, grade 4, grow fast, and … More Amazon Smile

Tree-mendous place

The ‘Garden of England’ is known for its scenic charm and hidden by the surroundings of Bedgebury Forest lies the enchanting Pinetum which serves an important role in the vitality of the planet. Let’s face it, as a society we suck at looking after Earth. Remember the 10 year challenge trend last week? Well activists … More Tree-mendous place

The Square room pt2

“The light’s flickering again,” said ‘Darhlinnng’, running her orange gel nails through the obviously dyed, bright blonde strands of her hair. Donald appeared from behind the fusebox, his eyebrows knitted together. They were too dark for his face really, compared with his dirty yellow mop, but she knew he didn’t dye them. He wouldn’t even let … More The Square room pt2