The Affair: part 1

The collar of his shirt was turned up, just a little, and the dark circles under his eyes were a little more prominent than usual too. And though she noticed these small quirks about him, she never questioned them.

He had been working late a lot recently. He’d been working hard, she knew. So…so, the moods could, of course, be excused. He was tired. Everyone is allowed to have their moments. True, the moments had been becoming more of a regular occurrence, but that was alright. It was to be expected. Marriage was difficult. You had to keep working at it. Not every moment could be happy. Besides moments like these made the happy moments, that’s what defined them, what set them apart from the rest.

But as her arms wrapped around his shoulders, she spotted the faint pink speckles that lay hidden behind his flicked collar. She fingered it without thinking, her nails tracing the spot.

“What?” He asked her.
Her fingers froze and she moved them quickly onto his neck. It was warm and she could feel the quick pump of his pulse under her tips. Or perhaps that was her own? She swallowed. Her throat felt raw suddenly, like there was something lodged inside it. She coughed lightly, covering her mouth and leaned back with a smile. “Nothing. I’m just… so happy.” She pushed her lips to his in a quick embrace, and pressing her nose against his. “Happy to see you.”

He pushed her back firmly, his dark brown eyes gazing steadily into hers. She forced another smile, but she could feel her body trembling. She clasped her hands together, willing herself to stop. Why did she have to ruin everything? Why, when they were having a good moment, did she have to spoil it all?

She spoilt everything.

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