As a poetry lover and a (well…attempting) poet myself, it’s always great to read other people’s work and to speak with these writers who share the same interests.

Writing is a tricky business, you’ve got to have talent, determination, passion and, like anything associated with the creative industry, a lot of luck. So when someone comes to me asking to help ‘shoutout’ about their writing, of course I’m happy to ‘shoutout’ WATCH THIS SPACE in my biggest loudest…er, capital letters. Particularly if that person is a good writer!

Freya, author of Pure Haiku (a blog that I’m very fond of and you should definitely check out) is a talented poet and releasing her first collection of poetry entitled, Insides.

Oooooh! Aaaaaah! How exciting! So here’s a little more info about Freya and her new collection!

Background & aims

Freya is a cancer survivor currently awaiting the final all clear. She wrote Insides as a kind of therapy to help her embrace the terrible things she endured; cancer, surgery and chemotherapy. She wanted to bring comfort to other cancer sufferers as well as enabling people with no experience of cancer at all, to understand a little of what it means to go through such an ordeal. 

Freya’s collection will be released on Monday, 17th October 2016 at 12 noon England (BST – British Summer Time)





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