Bottled Youth

And then I felt my soul crumble…
the pain worse than the shatter of my heart
age takes us all
the once smooth skin
replaced with wrinkled lines
like the creases of an old shirt
thrown in the corner
the places that once stood, sag
the bones start to ache
present turns to past
and memories fade like old photographs
worn like the wick of a burning candle
such an obsession we all have
to be forever young
and this idea
to bottle such a thing
should never have been done
but delusion possessed us
but this gift, as they called it
came with a hefty price…
to polish out those lines
put the lift back in to our skin
mend these aged bones
you must rip apart
the thing that should never be ripped
and swallow it whole
and as I watched them lapping like pups
at the red puddles of the girl before me
I closed my eyes and waited
for a fate worse than death to take me
they took it greedily, snapping, pulling, devouring
there was nothing left of me…but look at you
At your beautiful, young shell
rotting from the inside out.

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