Out Loud Part 2

I opened my eyes and looked up to the dark grey clouds. They sparked, electric flashing through their shifting, smoky cells.

The hedges of the maze were rotting, only a few crumbling brown leaves remained amongst the twisted thistles, and as I entered its dark chasm, the branches slithered together like brown snakes and into a tight grasp.

I turned in surprise, as the light from the bright, yellow cracked clouds were taken from me. The gnarled branches had reached well above my head now, enveloping me in an empty cavern of night.

I had never seen a reaction like this before. Minds are complicated things, but I knew them well. I knew how to navigate my way around them, to delve into their deepest, darkest pits and pluck the thoughts right out without ever being seen. And if they didn’t know I was there, they never fought me.

But he knew.

I studied the prison of thorns that surrounded me. There was no way back now. Only forwards. And I had to be quick. If someone were to interrupt me, I might lose all sense of reality. I’d be trapped here. Forever. But I had known the risks when I entered. Mind control was much trickier than simply reading them. It had taken me years of practice to master.  I had never tried it in public though. But I had no choice. This was something I had to do if I ever wanted him to admit that he’d killed her.

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