Indigo Sky

So many are afraid of the creatures that lurk in the shadows. The ones that only come out at night. But when day breaks and the soft blades of sunlight shine across the world, such fears seem to melt away, as if by the heat of the sun itself.
These people long to see the day. Long for the warmth of the sun to meet their skin again. I’m not afraid though. In fact, I think there is something so beautiful about the night. The way the disc moon lights the sky in an ever-changing saucer of white.
If I could only reach up towards the stars, I would, and peel each one back into my fingertips for keeping.
To see and feel the dark depths of night would be a dream. But nothing more than a dream. For I can never see or feel the coolness of day’s slumber. Nor the bright specks that dazzle the dark sheeted skies. Never look upon the moon and admire how wondrously it changes. But there was one time…one time that my curiosity could not be contained…one time where my insides felt like they were pushing at the sides, like they would burst from the seams if I did not look.
It was barely a sliver, but it scorched through my body like fire, burning deep into my skin, as if I were made of paper. It licked across my face, closing my left eye for good.
I snapped the shutters back down, but I could feel the cracks, the bubbles beneath my fingers.
My face never healed. But that was not the only scar it left. There was a deeper one, one that had etched right across my heart. Now every time the sunsets and the quiet descends upon our world, I can feel the midnight sunburn upon my face, but I don’t regret it. I don’t fear it. I just remember the one time I looked upon the beautiful indigo sky.

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