It creeps upon his lips, a sickening smile and eyes lit with the fires of his spite.
There’s a haze. A fog. Something so unclear about this world, like a painter’s brush has swept across the page.The details are so fine and accurate, yet so blurred and nonsensical; and everything
and nothing surrounds me.

I walk towards him, but my feet are working backwards and his figure becomes small.

I don’t know how I got here             but I’m somewhere else entirely and the walls of time are collapsing around me, crumbling into pieces.

The segments start to join, merging into wire and shiny metal lurches towards my arms and legs, pinning me down, clogging my mouth.
I can’t breath. I can’t see.
Where am I?

I turn, suddenly released from the shackles, and he’s there. The same sick grin on his face.

The light flickers and dances around me, like a breath that teases the lit wick of a candle.
I push past him, as I see my father. My hopeful hands reach out, but as he turns, a featureless face stares back at me. Eyes hollow and worn back skin, like the carving of a pumpkin.

I fall back, pulling him with me
and I’m clutching no more than material.

It’s too dark to see, but in the distance I can hear him laughing.

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