The Daily Transmit – Penelope Harruld

The term ‘Donee,’ most commonly used to describe the subjects of the Formula Y programme, has always struck me as an odd label, due to it’s definition.

‘Donee – someone who receives a gift. Or in law, is given power of appointment.’

Some say that to be a Donee is to receive a gift and in the current economic climate, this is of course, understandable. Do we not all yearn to have a roof over our heads? To have full stomachs? To have a place that is warm and safe to sleep at night? Yes, these are things that many of us crave for and it is indeed true that Expired Donees do receive a wonderful gift. A truly magnificent one, I admit. But, in this reporter’s opinion, is being a Donee really so easy? I ask you – would you be so willing to give your life? Your very soul? Would you risk it? For less than 3% of Donees actually expire, meaning that a grand total of 97% are used. Used to satisfy our large, selfish, shallow egos. Is that a gift? Is that something you would want?

Triple S’ use of the word has always puzzled me and I often wondered whether the term was used because the Donees were Triple S’ gift from us.

In an interview, Triple S Chairman, R. W. Wayne told me, “being part of the programme is to receive a gift. We of course, acknowledge that those thtriple s logoat
use Formula Y are also receiving a gift, but our Donees do so much more. They make people happy. They make people whole again. They make people like themselves. When our clients look in the mirror, they can smile. To do something as rewarding as that, to give someone the gift of happiness. [That] Is the greatest gift of all.”

Do you agree with this statement? We would like to hear from you at The Daily Transmit.

As for me, I remain unsure. For in the simplest terms, Donees are Triple S’ property. They are their ingredients. They are really our gifts to Triple S.

By Penelope Harruld

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